Principled Prosperity In Practice
Prodesse Quam Conspici - literally translated "to do good rather than be conspicuous"  is a constant reminder of our purpose.

If you  have ever asked ,
"Is this all there is - working harder / longer, just to make more money, just to pay more taxes?"... then  we
can help you put principled prosperity into practice.

Chamberlain Capital Group, unlike other economic and financial advisors and counselors,  has been specifically created  to take a
comprehensive approach to help our clients truly prosper - in all areas of their lives.   We don't want to be a "stumbling bloc".  We
believe that maximizing our clients' wealth is only part of our job. Our greater responsibility is to educate, promote, encourage and
facilitate wise stewardship.  To help our clients use their financial blessings to recognize, enjoy, and to be able to financially indulge
and pursue their "calling".

It is not new insight that the relationship between material gain and emotional welfare often seems to be inverse. Research on
human happiness reveals that even after someone wins the lottery, they are only happier for six months. After six months, the
euphoria wears off and they are no happier than before they won the lottery. In fact many are less so.

Even very rich people--the Forbes' 100 wealthiest Americans surveyed by University of Illinois psychologist Ed Diener--are only
slightly happier than Americans with average incomes and net worths.  With net worths all exceeding $100 million, providing ample
money to buy things they don't need and hardly care about, 80 % agreed that "Money can increase OR decrease happiness,
depending on how it is used." And some were indeed unhappy.

One fabulously wealthy man said he could never remember being happy. A woman reported that money could not undo the misery
caused by her children's problems. It’s commonplace after achieving financial success, for an empty feeling, a sense of
restlessness to be expressed by excessive risky, unhealthy pursuits

In the 1960’s, Abraham Maslow proffered his theory that all human needs where hierarchical in nature. Without actually using any
religious or spiritual references, his "Hierarchy of Needs" suggests that once physical and emotional needs are satisfied, man
strives to achieve what he called the "B-values": truth, goodness, beauty, etc.  

Like Maslow, we also believe humans strive to reach the highest levels of their capabilities. Maslow called the people who were at
the top "self-actualizing" persons. Self-actualization identifies a person's need to be, and do, that which the person was born to do -
their "calling".  If  these needs are not met, the person feels stress, anxiety, restlessness, on edge, tense, as if lacking something.

Maslow describes self-actualizing people as... involved in a cause outside their own skin. They are devoted; work at something,
something very precious to them -- some calling or vocation, in the old sense, the priestly sense.

"Beloved, I pray that in all respects you may prosper and be in good health, just as your soul prospers."  3 John 1:2

Admittedly, borrowing from John Wesley,  our mission and therefore our general advice to achieving lasting prosperity::

•        Earn as much as you can,
•        Save as much as you can,
•        So you will be able to give as much as you can.

Earn as much as you can.  Your financial decisions are no better than your information.  As managerial economists, we provide our
clients with an information advantage to help them accumulate as much wealth as possible (within all legal and ethical limits,

Save as much as you can.  We help our clients to invest and / operate their businesses more efficiently and economically by
minimizing their losses from false information, rumors, mistakes, spurious conclusions, and just plain bad advice.  This includes
coordinated tax strategies  to minimize taxes since the federal government estimates that more than half of taxpayers over pay their
taxes.  Every penny saved, is more that can be invested!

Give away as much as you can.  Our objective is to help our clients reach the point where they are able to give freely to whatever it is
that makes their lives worth living. We are not just talking about money here but also their time. We want our clients to be able to do
whatever they want, without the fear of financial constraints or concerns. This means giving time to spend with their loved ones,
giving time as a volunteer, and of course it also means having the financial ability for philanthropic pursuits.