Principled Prosperity In Practice
Our Philosophy - What we believe and why

"As each one has received a special gift,
                                             employ it in serving one another,
                                                                                     as good stewards of the manifold grace of God"
                                                                                                                                                                                                    1 Peter 4:10

Our philosophy and belief systems may seem simplistic or unrealistic to some – yet we know they make a profound
difference.  We believe it is our personal responsibility, a moral duty if you will, to use our special skills to help our clients
achieve long term success. That includes more than just maximizing their wealth. That includes helping them to be
personally successful over the long term as well.

We believe our clients' financial and personal objectives are so inter-twined that to focus upon one aspect to the detriment
of the other is financially shortsighted, contrary to our values, and a dis-service to our clients. We have found that the
personal and professional lives of high net worth individual investors, small business owners, physicians, entrepreneurs,
and corporate executives are inseparable and that we cannot ignore the affect their unique personal needs have on their
financial objectives.

We believe our clients' financial interests come before ours.

We believe, as did J.P. Morgan, that the best strategy to long term wealth is not to try to get all you can from every
transaction, but to always leave a little bit for others. You can't be greedy. You have to know when to take your chips and walk
away from the table - know when to sell.

We believe our philosophy of holistic and comprehensive attention to our clients' total needs is rare among most other
financial, tax, legal and investment consultants and advisors.  

We believe:
•        that our clients are smart,
•        that our clients try to help others,
•        that our clients try to do their best,
•        that our clients are frequently over burdened,
•        that successful professionals suffer from information overload.

We believe there is too much financial and economic information for "part time" investors to compete fairly with full time
investment professionals over the long run.

We believe the abundance of bogus, irrelevant, and even fraudulent, mis - information masquerading as legitimate is a
serious threat to long term wealth maximization.

We believe it’s important to provide clients with investment and business opportunities before they become readily
available to potential competitors and the general public.

We believe that there are certain universal characteristics of human behavior that can help accumulate wealth.

We believe in order for us to provide the best for our clients, it is imperative for us to remain independent from any
partnerships or alliances with any specific investment firm or advisory firm to the exclusion of another.

We believe we have a social responsibility to the community and accept non-profit organizations and disadvantaged small
businesses pro-bono or at reduced rates.

This philosophy and the degree of personal attention required, severely limits the number of clients we can serve. But that's
OK. We don't claim to be able to make everyone wealthy. We can't give everyone a competitive advantage. Unlike many
counselors, we do not cater to the needs of the mass markets. Rather, we seek help only a few clients by giving them an
information advantage over the masses.

We believe we make your current team of advisers better. W do not seek to supplant or replace your existing advisors. We
believe we help them to better serve you - the client.

“The best leaders are those most interested in surrounding themselves with assistants and associates smarter than they
are - being frank in admitting this - and willing to pay for such talents.”  Amos Parrish

Attorneys, CPA's, Financial Planners, Investment Advisors, Consultants, etc.... occasionally feel threatened by our addition
as few have experience working with a managerial economist. This usually occurs when advisors are not being properly
utilized or where the client makes unreasonable demands beyond the advisor's specific are of expertise.

All too frequently, in an attempt to maintain a client, advisors feel pressured to give advice in areas in which they are not
especially qualified. This is most common in the areas of investment and business advice.

Whether it is business, financial, legal, or investment advice, the value of an advisor's service is only as good as their
information- information about their field of expertise and information about the client's financial needs.

It's a full time job keeping abreast of all the information and changes that affect an advisor's field of expertise. And no matter
their level of competence, they are limited in its application to their understanding of each client's unique business or
financial situation.

Almost every consultant has had the experience where a client failed to disclose something he thought was insignificant but
would have altered the consultant's recommendation. We believe we can help minimize such omissions of important

We may not always agree on a specific course of action, but assuring that all relevant information available is included in
any discussions and decision making is essential.