Principled Prosperity In Practice
Investors -  Predator or Prey?

Maybe that should read Predator or "Pray" - because when it comes to investing without an information advantage - you are at the
"mercy" of others.

From a business / investment / financial perspective, you must realize that most of your toughest competitors and those whom
are also searching for the most promising investments: fund managers, financial advisors, stockbrokers, investment bankers,
banks, pension funds, insurance companies mutual funds, have their own in house economists whose job is to asses
economic conditions and financial opportunities and to make investment recommendations.

Their singular objective is to create an information advantage over you!

Whether you are an individual investor, a hedge fund manager, a small business owner, a professional, or an officer of a Fortune
500 company - to maximize your wealth you must either see opportunities not seen by others, or be able to exploit opportunities
that others cannot.

In today’s high-tech information economy, how much more important is timely, accurate, and relevant information to you, your
family your investments, and your business?

Regardless of the subject, there is no shortage of data, newsletters, magazines, web sites, and market research "gurus", and
other experts willing to share their thoughts with anyone paying the price. In fact, it seems that nearly everyone is offering ideas or
advice on something. But how do you know which information to believe?

“Those who know, do not tell: those who tell, do not know”. Lao-Tzu

You need a meaningful advantage over the competition. You need to see opportunities and position yourself before the
competition or other investors as the case may be.

Thus, it is essential for you to determine which information is accurate and relevant to you and which is not. Even the relevant and
accurate information looses its value over time as technology and consumer preferences change rapidly.

So how do you know what to believe? How do you know what to do and when? How can you make better financial and business
decisions? How can you transition from market prey to predator?

Clearly, the optimal solution for investors and businesses is to have your own proprietary, personal information scientist – an
economist - to provide the relevant business, financial, market, and regulatory, information tailored to your specific needs in time
for you to act before anyone else.

If you don’t have access to your own economist, you must rely upon other sources of information to make the financial decisions
that affect you, your family and your company. Generally, the farther you are from the original source of information, however the
greater the chance for error.

Keep in mind that all information, to various degrees, is subject to significant distortion. Remember the childhood game of
whispering a phrase from child to child around a room and how distorted the original message becomes when the last child
publicly announces the message.

Distorted information is not amusing when your business and investment decisions are made on such erroneous information.  

Real time analysis of major economic events, combined with insider access to leading economists, not only is an advantage to
companies, but individual investors as well.

Individual investors can now benefit from the same skills that enable us to counsel and advise corporations on how to maximize
shareholder value. Our consulting practice of working with entrepreneurs and senior corporate management in devising long
term strategies for their companies is a distinct advantage when helping individual investors identify companies with the most
promising futures. Obviously we are not talking about illegal insider trading, but rather applying the same abilities to investing as
are applied for corporate strategic planning.

Successful investment foresight, like successful long term corporate strategic planning, comes from deep insights into the
trends in technology, demographics, regulation, human nature, and lifestyles that can be harnessed to rewrite industry rules and
create new business opportunities.

Therefore, any investment approach that the mass of investors uses in more or less the identical fashion, is self defeating over
the long term. The moment your computer screen flashes "bargain", thousands of other investors using a similar system are
reading similar output and placing orders when you do.

With Crabtree & Company, now you can have your own personal investment analyst to help protect you from the market
predators. You can receive superior information and personalized asset management according to your unique investment
objectives. You can have your own information advantage.

Your financial future depends on the quality of your decisions.   Consequently, good decisions rest upon your:
•        acquiring information,
•        understanding the information, and
•        applying that information.

If your decisions are only as good as your information the real question is, how good is your information?