Principled Prosperity In Practice

Investors prefer companies with some unique product or service as having the greatest chance of succeeding.

It is virtually impossible to out innovate the competition, successfully evolve rapidly and effectively or develop some
unique product or service - without a competitive information advantage.

The economist’s ability to design and conduct market research studies and to analyze and interpret study results can
provide a company with the advantage of proprietary information before the competition.

There is no shortage of data and opinion masquerading as "information." There is just not enough time in a day for you
to properly evaluate all of the available information. Busy professionals are increasingly forced to rely upon various
informational sources: employees, the Internet, consultants, advisors, sales people, magazines, newsletters, journals,
etc…. None of which are infallible, with multiple motives and biases, some being particularly suspect. Almost all of this
information is, in one form or another, of the published or public variety. Unfortunately published does not confer
accuracy, honesty or legitimacy. It does not mean it is relevant to you and your circumstances and it certainly does not
give you any competitive or economic advantage.

Relying upon public information, at best allows you to make the same mistakes as everyone else. Or to paraphrase;
what everyone knows, isn’t worth knowing. Out dated, inaccurate, and irrelevant information isn’t worth knowing because
it seduces you into erroneous decisions, wastes resources, both financial and temporal, and diverts your attention away
from the reality of the situation or opportunity as the case may be. Thereby preventing or delaying you from taking the
proper actions.

Gaining an information advantage frequently means proprietary information, but that's only the beginning!

You can’t stop there. Just as important is your ability to accurately interpret the information and then to devise strategies
for the successful real world application of that information.

We regret that we cannot help everyone with his or her information and decision making processes. Nevertheless, we
encourage you to honestly evaluate your current information gathering, decision making, and implementation processes.

Improving your information gathering and decision making process can have only one result - a better life through better