Principled Prosperity In Practice
Chamberlain Farms  - stable income” in an uncertain economy!  

The global equine industry is big business – now may be the time to get your piece.

Finally – a strategy that limits the financial uncertainties of the horse business and can provide an assured return on an
investment in the equine industry.

It is no secret that horses can be an expensive “hobby”.  As a business or investment, they are usually considered  to be
“high risk” / “high reward”.    
But what if the economist at Chamberlain devised a somewhat proprietary strategy that
effectively minimized the “risk” and essentially made the horse business  “low risk” / “ high reward”?

Whether you are an established equestrian or someone just thinking about entering the business and regardless of the
breed or discipline -
there is finally a strategy to substantially reduce and even eliminate most of the financial
uncertainties of the horse business. Even if you are an experienced equine professional, Chamberlain Farms’
strategy can help you eliminate losses and increase profits from your existing operations.

How can we make such a bold statement?  

Almost everyone knows of someone that has lost money in the horse business – or more than likely it was just a horse
“hobby” for them and not a real business.  Or even worse, they lost money intentionally as some misguided tax
motivated scheme.   Many of the horse business horror stories we often hear about result from people getting in the
horse “business” solely for the tax advantages and then taking tax benefits without properly fulfilling the requirements.  

Admittedly while any potential tax benefit which may be derived from an equine investment may be important,  it should
not surpass one’s profit motive.   Chamberlain Farms is able to provide its equine clients with a “competitive advantage”
that assures a minimal equine profit without limiting the potentially unlimited upside on their equine business –
the “low
risk” /  “high reward” objective of all prudent investors.

What is Chamberlain’s secret advantage?

First, we recognize the difference between enthusiasm, exhilaration, and excitement and economic reality; the difference
between pleasure, passion and profits!    It’s a business for us because -
 Understandably, we must therefore make certain our clients make money from their equine interests.

If our clients don’t profit, then we don’t profit. We put our clients’ interests before our own by making sure our clients don't
lose money. Chamberlain makes money AFTER our clients sell their horse(s) at a profit.  
Different than most other
investment / economic advisers and equine professionals – isn’t it?

Unlike most other transaction based advisors – legal, tax, investment, equine, etc that make their money regardless of
whether you do or not, Chamberlain is relationship based not transaction based.  Rather, we put our money where our
mouth is.  Unlike transaction based advisers and or investment promoters or those that want to sell you a horse, that
take your money upfront and then send you on your way to succeed or fail on your own - Chamberlain and its cadre of
advisers are right there with you helping you succeed – or at least making sure you don’t lose!  

Our strategy can eliminate most of the uncertainty from an equine operation and enable our clients to stay in the game by
consistently hitting singles while waiting for that big HOME RUN horse!   
With a special strategy for international
equestrians - that can be a GRAND SLAM horse!

By creatively applying a coordinated strategy of established methods of corporate finance and elements of structured
finance with proven equine professionals we are able to provide:

  • Certain and predictable cash flows,
  • An almost unlimited potential for capital appreciation,
  • Reduced net costs of horse ownership,
  • Assured minimal profitability on equine invested funds (currently around 7%), and
  • Special opportunities for international equestrians.

This type of structured financial arrangement is common in business.  Chamberlain,  subject to available resources,  is
now making it available to a select few in the US as well as the global equine industry.

For those considering an equestrian investment,  you may be surprised to learn that in the United States  the equine
industry is a large and important part of our national, state and local economies. It is diverse, involving agriculture,
business, sport, gaming, entertainment, and recreation.   The economic study done by Deloitte Consulting LLP for the
American Horse Council Foundation validates what the industry has known for some time, that the horse industry is a
highly-diverse, national, serious and economically significant industry that deserves the attention of the general public,
the media and federal, state and local officials.

  • 4.6 million Americans are involved in the industry as horse owners, service providers, employees and
    volunteers.  Tens of millions more participate as spectators.

  • The horse industry has a direct economic effect on the U.S. of $39 billion annually.

  • The industry has a $102 billion impact on the U.S. economy when the multiplier effect of spending by industry
    suppliers and employees is taken into account. Including off-site spending of spectators would result in an even
    higher figure.

  • Spending by suppliers and employees generates additional jobs for a total employment impact of 1.4 million FTE

  • The horse industry pays $1.9 billion in taxes to all levels of government.

  • The horse industry’s contribution to the U. S. GDP is greater than the motion picture services, railroad
    transportation, furniture and fixtures manufacturing, tobacco products, apparel and other textile products
    manufacturing industry.

  • In terms of employment, the industry directly employs more people than railroads, radio and television
    broadcasting, petroleum and coal products manufacturing and tobacco product manufacturing.

Nevertheless, though large, the equine industry is not an easy business.  Consequently, if your current financial advisers
or equestrian professionals don’t know how to make money in the horse business, perhaps you don’t have the right
pieces – it may just not be their specialty.  It may be time to add a new piece to your team of advisers that have specific
equine industry experience as well as a history of working with profitable equestrians.  That’s were Chamberlain Farms
can help.

The two most determining factors of the success of any business or investment is the management of the enterprise
and access to required capital.  The equine industry is no exception.

The purpose of Chamberlain Farms is not to replace any of your current management or advisory team – financial or
equestrian, but rather to bring specific equine expertise to some teams and then financial expertise to some existing
equine teams that may need to boost profits.  

To satisfy Chamberlain’s requirements,  any management or advisors we may refer to you must not only be
professionally competent but more importantly – demonstrate uncompromising integrity and exhibit high moral character.

After assembling a proper management team, successful investors know that adequate capital is essential for any
business success.  Again, the horse business is no exception. In fact, adequate capital may even be more important
than many other businesses.

Like most business, too many people entering into the horse business are under capitalized.  Thus, the absolute
minimum necessary to participate in Chamberlain Farms is $250,000, anything less and we believe you are
inadequately capitalized.  The recommended minimum is $500,000 to $1,000,000 with no practical upper limits.  That
said,  if you have other assets and just have liquidity issues, Chamberlain may be able to assist you in procuring the
necessary capital.

In closing, you can’t play professional sports, or work forever.  The future tax and investment landscape is anything but

Could building an equestrian business now be the right business move that allows you to take advantage of your
existing contacts, celebrity, and status?  Could an equestrian investment be the missing piece to your financial future?  If
you have any interest in learning how the horse business can reduce your taxes and build your wealth, now is the
optimal time!   Parties interested in learning more about the profits and benefits available from owning their own
equestrian business may contact us directly or through any Chamberlain Farms associate.

We have developed what we believe to be a safe and secure strategy for the equestrian industry whereby individual
business owners can receive incredible tax benefits provided in the Economic Stimulus Acts as well as be assured of
the return of their principal with very little left to chance.  Keep in mind the information herein is only for general
informational and educational purposes to prompt further discussions as to possible opportunities and strategies in the
future.  This is not a solicitation to invest or the offering of legal or tax advice.  We look forward to answering any
questions and working with you and your existing advisory team members to craft a specific strategy to meet your equine
and investment goals and objectives.